We are The Webery

A Team of Entrepreneur, Creatives, Disruptors and Developers

Our Mission

With a vision to change the web as we know it, and helping businesses of all sizes including brands, corporates, small business and startups maximise their potential through a well designed online presence and a well deployed marketing strategy.

The Webery is on a mission to create beautifully crafted websites one pixel at a time! Our websites are built to fit our client's business needs, designed to maximise return and developed to remain relevant with the ever changing web trends.


You know lean or agile, and we live by it, in the startup world the recipe for success lies in implementing the lean methodology, creating high quality minimum viable products and working on improving them to suit your target market. It works!

At The Webery we are different and we embrace difference, and that's why challenging the norm is our motto, we don't just follow design rules we push them to the limit to create new and amazing designs. At The Webery we never settle for mediocrity.


The Webery's team is a group of entrepreneurs, disruptors, developers and designers. With experience in building and marketing platforms ranging from eCommerce to startups disrupting international markets.

Our team members are experienced founders with over 7 years in the startup scene in 4 different countries, living by the motto of challenging the norm and creating new technologies to change the world.